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begin quoteBe sure and let everyone at Composing Room know that dealing with a company like yours is a pleasure. We know that when a job is sent to you that it will be handled professionally from start to finish, on time and with minimal hassle. With the crazy pace we have at Express Scripts, having a vendor where we don't have to constantly check on status or worry about the outcome says a lot about the culture of Composing Room and why we rely on you throughout the year. We constantly get pressure about pricing but (when possible) we will push back to the client and emphasis your quality and on time performance. Please let everyone know that we appreciate and notice their efforts when it comes to the work you do for us. Thanks! endquote

- Rich Grahm, Corporate Communications

begin quoteThanks so much for the follow up, Shawn. Everyone was very pleased with the way the displays turned out and personally I think they look amazing. They will really help us to look more professional when we are out in the field representing LHM. Thanks so much for your great work! Blessings, Lorri endquote

- Lorri Hacket, Communications Leader

begin quoteShawn, I just received the samples of the Mrs. Dash Sell Sheet for Sysco Hallsmith. It looks sooooo good. Thank you for doing this so professionally and for the quick turn around. This is why I like working with your company, it's effortless. Thanks again! endquote

- Luann Schafer, Director of Marketing

begin quoteShawn, Yes I got the accordion timelines yesterday and they look WONDERFUL. I really appreciate The Composing Room's efforts to make sure this got done well and on time. It is so helpful to know that I can dream up a design and you can find a way to make it happen -- no matter how big the file or how small the print run! Thanks again, very much. Julie Hick HOK endquote

- Julie Hick, Project Manager

begin quoteAt McCarthy, we can always rely on The Composing Room to get our projects done on-time - they seem to go out of their way to make sure we get what we need when we need it. Our standards are high and the team at The Composing Room continually rises up to meet and often surpass these expectations. An added benefit is the personable relationship that we have with our rep — he truly cares not only about our company but about us as individuals. These are the types of relationships that McCarthy depends on for our success. endquote

- Heather Fulcher, Corporate Communications

begin quoteThe Composing Room has always been an extension of our office in many respects. Kevin Robinson and all of the people there always goes the extra mile to ensure we meet our deadlines, which is imperative in meeting the needs of our clients. I always know that our print projects will be the best quality and delivered on-time. They share ownership and urgency on everything they do with us. We are fortunate to have TCR working with our group. endquote

- Dan Brindley, Creative Director

begin quoteI'd say something about your unparalleled quality and attention to detail wrapped in a highly-personalized, highly-responsive work ethic. You just can't find that magic elsewhere. It's said that the best position to be in as an organization is to be considered the only solution to a customer's need. That's been very true of our work with you guys. The work you deliver helps create confidence in our clients about their business. These materials capture their imaginations and lead them to request additional copies to share more broadly across their organizations. This happened recently with Bick Group and MEDs as two specific examples. That's the power of print! With so much electronic stuff floating around these days, there's appetite and staying power for quality print materials. endquote

- Paul Bussman, Creative Director

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