The Composing Room

Submitting Files - prepare for launch

The Composing Room Checklist

Please use the following checklist when preparing your digital files. These guidelines aid in the efficiency of the production process and help to avoid possible quality concerns, delays, art charges and rush fees.

PDF PDF Version

  • Supported file formats: Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, PDF, EPS, TIFF. Do NOT submit Quark EPS formats, JPGs, GIFs, or PICT formats.
  • General File Requirements:
    • Proportions of the documents MUST match the desired final size and cropping is clearly marked.
    • Save each layout as its own file or page. (Note: when a single layout requires paneling, save the entire layout on one page.)
    • Artwork MUST allow for finishing (sleeves, grommets, frames, etc).
    • Any image/text that should not be stitched through must be far enough away from edges to accommodate stitching of sleeves and hems.
    • When paneling will be required: Consider how this will affect the art.
    • All files should include a 1/8” bleed and crop marks.
    • Use ZIP or LZW compression whenever possible.
    • Vector images must be illustrator or freehand compatible.
    • All images should be saved at the appropriate resolution: Large Format: 75 – 100 dpi at final print size. Offset: 300 dpi at final print size. Digital Printing: 150 – 300 dpi at final print size. Note: DO NOT resize or rez-up low resolution files to a higher resolution.
  • To ensure accurate color matching, specify Pantone (PMS) colors. When Pantone equivalent colors are not available, proofs are strongly recommended to review colors.
  • To avoid confusion: ONLY send files needed to produce the job
  • Be sure to include all support files: ie, linked images, fonts, etc. Include both printer and screen fonts for all files or convert all text to outlines. (True type and Multiple Master fonts must be converted to paths or they will not print.)
  • Adobe Illustrator files:
    • Save As an AI or PDF file.
    • Outline ALL fonts.
    • Embed (do not link) ALL images.
  • Adobe Photoshop files:
    • Save As flattened TIFF files using LZW compression.
    • Optimal printing requires a resolution of 100 dpi at final output size.
    • Create and view Photoshop files in CMYK color mode.
    • Raster images must be Photoshop compatible.
  • Adobe InDesign files:
    • Save As an INDD or PDF file.
    • Turn on color management for all images embedded in the document.
    • Outline ALL fonts and embed (do not link) ALL images.
    Illustrator and InDesign files using transparencies may experience printing difficulties and undesired results; delays should be expected.
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