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The Ultralight has become the presentation of choice by many world-wide sales organizations. Light as a feather, very smart look, great durability and so easy to present. Graphics change out in a snap!

Great for:

  • Recruiters
  • Pharmaceutical reps
  • Trade associations
  • Financial planners, etc


Product Details

Display Size Closed Open
18" “Briefcase” 18”h x 24”w 18”h x 48”w
24" “Original” 24”h x 24”w 24”h x 48”w
32" “Presentation” 32”h x 24”w 32”h x 48”w
XP “Portfolio” Display 24”h x 32”w 24”h x 62”w
DoubleX “Portfolio” 32”h x 32”w 32”h x 62”w

  • Get your logo on the carrying bag or outside of the display
  • Standard color is black. Custom display colors are also available.



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