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The Messenger is the affordable display stand that gives you the simplicity you need and the versatility you want to easily change display graphics. The Messenger works with most types of graphics, ranging from printed fabrics and digital output images to velcro compatible or rigid panels. Best of all, assembly takes less than five minutes without tools. The lightweight aluminum DownStop™ telescoping uprights and patented GrooveGrip™ crossbars make it easy to switch graphics ranging from 20" to 46" wide up to 94" high.


Product Details

Item # Size
MNF2094 20”w x 94”h
MNF2494 24”w x 94”h
MNF3094 30”w x 94”h
MNF3694 36”w x 94”h
MNF4694 46”w x 94”h
MNF2060 20”w x 60”h
MNF2460 24”w x 60”h
MNF2472 24”w x72”h
MNF3072 30”w x 72”h

  • Features
    • Single piece (1 1/8” O.F. tube) uprights.
    • Interchangeable horizontal bars
  • Custom Sizes
    • Available subject to fifty (50) units minimum
  • Finish:
    • Semi-gloss black anodized aluminum and power coated steel feet


  • All regular Display One accessories can be used
  • Fabric Panels: Velcro® compatible fabric panels, non-printed fabric panels, and screen-printed fabric panels are available and warranted for one (1) year.
  • Podium Tops and Shelves: Display One podium tops and shelves are warranted for six (6) months.
  • Accessories (excluding light bulbs): Display One accessories are warranted for six (6) months.
  • Light Bulbs: Light bulbs furnished by TCR are warranted for thirty (30) days.

Warranty protection is voided when product is used or installed in any manner contrary to TCR specifications and/or instructions or when product is altered or modified in any way.

FIle prep Instructions

  1. Use Quark, InDesign or Illustrator for art creation
  2. Use vector graphics where possible
  3. Always provide all working files, not just flattened or final files (Hi-Res PDFs can work too)
  4. Please be sure to include any linked photos and fonts with the original art
  5. Leave 4" bleed at the bottom, 1/4" bleed left and right, and 4" bleed at the top
  6. Indicate trim size (viewable size) in the file
  7. If photos are used, they should be CMYK and around 100 dpi when enlarged to final size
  8. Feel free to call 314-773-2400 if you have questions


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