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The Composing Room

5001 Southwest Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Main Phone: 314-773-2400
Fax: 314-773-2699

We understand the focus and attention to detail necessary for the success of every project. Our talented people make
a difference every day by helping you achieve your goals.
And we always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction by providing the best possible service. Contact one of our friendly professionals below for personalized service beyond the expected.

Mark Shocker

Account Manager
Office: 314-773-0500 x3315
Cell: 314-276-8223

Shawn Fogle

Account Manager
Office: 314-773-2400 x232
Cell: 314-369-8267

Karol Collins

Account Manager
Office: 314-773-2400 x233
Cell: 314-574-4010

Michael Costick

Account Manager
Office: 314-773-2400 x219
Cell: 314-956-9699

Rob Callanan

Account Manager
Office: 314-773-0500 x349

Production Managers

Production Department
Phone: 314-773-2400
We specialize in Full Service Printing

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